Popped Off

Jan 16th - 18th 2020 7.30pm (mat 17th 11:00AM)

The Studio, Holden Street Theatres, 34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh

Cost $20 (Adults) $15 (Children) Rated PG-13

Tickets can be booked thru TryBooking by using the button below: 

Plenty of wind, hot air, warmth and FUN!!

Mourning Violet’s sudden demise, her best friends Dottie, Jan, Cleo and Hilda decide to


...‘borrow’ her ashes and embark on one last trip together as a fivesome.

They see this as a last chance to reflect on over 40 years of friendship together and to put a final ‘full stop’ on the end of her life.

They choose at random one choice from Violet’s secret ‘bucket list’, hidden at the bottom of her underwear drawer, as a theme for this ultimate road trip.

All agree that this sounds like an amazing way to celebrate the life and times of their beloved Violet.

Even when they discover that their random choice involves a ‘hot air balloon ride’ they are still determined to overcome any obstacles that this may put in their way in order to give her a rousing send off.

After all, they didn’t earn a nickname like ‘The Famous Five’ for nothing!

And with Dottie’s OCD tendencies and leakage problems, Cleo’s penchant for hot air balloon pilots and funeral directors, Jan’s need for total control and Hilda’s fondness for tequila ….. what could possibly go wrong!!

Written specifically for the older actor and with a cast of community actors selected from our “Don’t Act Your Age” workshops, this piece showcases the amazing potential of the older person and will hopefully help breakdown the stereotypical view of how the older person should behave and act.