Stage your Story

We all have untold stories to tell ...


In fact, our life is a constant unfolding narrative in which we are the hero of a novel that only we can write.

The ‘Stage Your Story’ workshop program allows absolutely anyone over 65 yo to share their story on stage in a safe, supportive and accessible environment.

There is absolutely no experience needed to take part!

Your story can be a short story, monologue, vignette, script, poem … in fact any suitable stage piece between 3 – 7 mins long on any topic (we’ve even had puppets on stage!!) 

You can also write your piece for multiple characters!


Our workshops are mobility aid friendly.  

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Learn more about our 6 easy steps to get your story heard on stage ...

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How Does It work? (6 easy steps)



You put some work in to making up your short story idea.




Book in to our weekly workshop programs (*bookings essential).



Bring your piece with you to a workshop.



We work with you to help you develop your piece for the stage 

(min 2-4 workshops required).



We also allocate time at each workshop for you to work alongside our friendly, experienced stage mentors to practice your basic stage performance techniques.



When you feel that you and your story are ready for the stage, book in for one of our regular public stage performance sessions (Apr, July, Dec) and then … perform your story on stage and amaze your family and friends with your creative talents!!.



Why not buddy up with your friends and support each other to perform ...


Why not let one or more of our experienced mentors perform your story for you!! 


Please fill in below to register for our 'Stage your Story' workshops

'Stage your Story' workshops will commence in early 2019 at:

Kingston House, Cameron Ave., Kingston Park - Thu 1:30pm - 3:30pm